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Veterinary Nurse

Part Time - Australia - WA

Vogue Vets

About us

9 years ago we purchased a run down little vet practice and, after a few months of late night painting and redecorating, we transformed it into what is now a well equipped and thriving practice with a great clientele – Vogue Vets.

We are a privately owned, family practice who pride ourselves on providing a positive and supportive work environment, as well as providing high standards of care to our patients and clients.

In 2019 we opened our branch clinic, the Wellness Centre in Stirling. We chose to do this in order to provide a better level of care to our patients through rehabilitative physio and hydrotherapy services. The Wellness Centre provides an exciting vision into the future of veterinary medicine and encompasses a mixture of conventional and alternative veterinary practices to provide a comprehensive set of services to keep our patients happy, healthy and mobile for as many years as possible.

I’ve worked at Vogue Vets for the past two and a half years.  It’s a friendly and supportive working environment that provides a high standard of patient care, as well as a great work and life balance – Dr Sarah Reid BSc, BVMS

About this role

This position is best suited to an experienced veterinary nurse who is already comfortable with general nursing and who is looking for a challenge to progress their career, as well as being a part of a team of people who love what they do!  New graduates are welcome to apply.

This role consists of the following tasks:

Reception and customer service with clients who feel as though they are ‘part of the family’

Medical and surgical nursing with all the ‘toys’

Assisting the veterinarians with patient care

Maintaining the cleanliness of the hospital environment and patient husbandry

Running Nurse clinics (dependent on your level of experience)

Marketing the practice through inhouse marketing and the occasional external event

Acquiring skills to assist in veterinary rehab and hydrotherapy (dependent on the candidate and their skills and experience)

About you

We are looking for someone who is cheerful, focused on their work, and who enjoys providing high-quality service to clients and patients whilst still being able to keep a sense of humour!

Qualities required for this role include:

A happy and helpful disposition with a willingness to go above and beyond for others

An interest in learning clinical nursing skills that stretch beyond basic medical and surgical nursing

Attention to detail and a commitment to providing consistently high levels of customer service

An ability to use your initiative, yet still work well in a team

Our location

Perth is a beautiful city with a fantastic climate and stunning beaches. The lifestyle is relaxed and casual with many outdoor activities such as wineries, bushwalking and a multitude of water-based activities.

Our clinics are both situated only a short drive from the coast, and the hills are an easy day trip for those who prefer more inland adventures.

If you’re looking for a great work/life balance, this role and location will be pretty hard to beat!

Our offer

The Perks:

A healthy work-life balance

Above award salary reflective of the efforts you put in and your skills

Opportunity for a long term career with the progression of your skills

A dynamic and supportive team environment

An ability to really make a difference to your patient’s lives

Last modified 9 November 2020

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